Best Online Art Communities – Artists’ Sanctuaries

Being an artist often means looking for inspiration. If the thousand-year-old paintings cannot inspire you and the contemporary artists leave you wanting for more, having peers you can exchange ideas with can be very helpful.

With the rise of the internet, one does not need to go into specific cafes where the eccentric meet and greet, but can do so online, even while working on their masterpiece. Here are the best communities for artists you should visit if you like art.


DeviantArt is an old name, dating back to the year 2000. Today, it is a successful site which attracts artists of all kinds. If you ask the site’s founders and owners, over ten thousand pieces of art are uploaded every day. That is plenty of inspiration for everyone.

You can upload anything from photography, drawings, paintings, 3D art, doodles, cartoons and even website designs. You can make your own journal, compete with others, as well as engage with them in socializing. You can follow other artists, message them, get notifications about their uploads and purchase and sell art.


Pinterest is a social media site, and a huge one at that. You can share images, animations and shorter videos with people. This site is probably best used as a source of inspiration as there are very many images and animations you can browse through. The idea of the site is very simple and that is “a catalogue of ideas”, if you ask the site’s CEO.

While not built from scratch to be a social media directed at artists, it is probably best used as a quick way of finding new and interesting things to inspire you, rather than looking for artists to chat with.


Tumblr is an established name which has been around since 2007. It is a microblogging network which allows users to share their art with people. There are a lot of blogs you can browse, so many, in fact, that it is sometimes difficult to find something you like as there is also a lot of clutter. Every now and then, in that mass of photos and images, you will find something amazing.


Ello started off as a social network alternative but quickly grew and morphed into an art-focused site. Its minimalistic design will not distract you from all the art you can browse, but rather divert your attention to what matters. The site allows you to interact with others, chat and message them, repost and save photos you like, from digital art to photography.

Doodle Addicts

This site usually tops the charts for sites dedicated to art. Doodle Addicts enables you to search for the art you want, by different types. You can also search for artists, filtering them by specialty. The site has a simple way of showing off your work, as well as other people’s work, from sketches to paintings. You can easily get in touch with other artists, which is further enhanced by a friendly and welcoming community.

Add to that the store where you can sell and buy art and you have a complete platform for every artist.

These sites are probably the best ones for upcoming and already established artists. You can get the most out of them, from inspiration to finding a platform where you can sell your art.


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