Can Beautiful and Artistic Commercials Make Gambling More Appealing?

Commercials are everywhere today. You can see them on YouTube videos and on your TV, during the most important part of a TV show, where there is the most tension. Commercials are strategically played most of the time, to make you pay attention to their product.

Gambling is also something people are trying to sell. Many casinos have commercials, like Gambola Casino, but whether an esthetically appealing commercial can direct people’s attention to gambling can be answered through the question of whether such a commercial could direct people’s attention towards anything.

Are Visuals in a Commercial Important?

Some commercials have beautifully shot scenes with perfect actors doing their job in a way that could earn them a commercial Academy Award were there one, yet they still do not attract attention. The beauty of a commercial, just like a movie, can go to waste if the plot or delivery of the plot is just bad. There are many visually appealing movies today which have nothing to offer story-wise, so their visual appeal is often forgotten due to their uninteresting story.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe is full of superhero movies which have beautiful effects and animations. The actors are also great, but the topic does not leave an impression unless you are a hardcore Marvel fan. You can watch one superhero movie and you would not need to watch all of them unless you really like the effects.

Commercials can go the same path if their point does not come across. Esthetics can play a pivotal part in a commercial, if the core message is delivered properly, in an appealing and gimmicky way. Old Spice does this right, even though their commercials would be considered goofy by some, they are still very memorable, while their esthetics are okay, but not something you would call art.

Getting the Message Across – Is Art Important Now?

Even if you get your message across and people still notice the product and the commercial and even memorize a jingle or slogan, they still have to be interested in the product to want to buy it. Unless you like gambling or have thoughts of gambling, an artistic commercial is not going to sway you. You will recognize the quality of the shots and the power behind the brand, most likely, but the incentive does not come from the commercial itself, but rather the person who is watching it.

Commercials are very flashy signs, showing you directions to their products. If you do not want to follow that path, you are not going to do so, no matter how bright that sign might be.

Esthetics and art in a commercial can certainly make it memorable and pleasing to the eye, especially for people who are interested in art, but they will most likely not attract anybody just by being beautiful. The same goes for gambling commercials.

Commercials can show you options, or put them in your face, but if you are uninterested, not even the Francis Bacon of commercials will be able to sway you.


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