Can Playing Video Games Increase Creativity? – Creativity Through Gaming

Questions like these always have the same answer, it depends. Whether you will be able to keep your mind focused on all the beauty and horrifying things video games have to offer, or will you just click mindlessly through an endless-runner, depends completely on you – whether you are playing actively, or you just like to relax. People who like relaxing usually choose games that are more fun and less engaging, like playing online with the Michigan Lottery Promo Code. There certainly are ways that video games can help someone grow and become a more creative person, but it is completely up to the person playing the game.

The Right Mindset – Choosing the Right Game

Video games are not all the same, as many have different art styles or even a lack of an art style. Not only that, but some games are rather simple in their nature and downright leave the user with less and less choice and more clicking. There used to be a trend in video games which made them far too easy, making the user do much less and just “enjoy the ride”.

If the user is not engaged, they cannot really hope to learn anything. A very difficult boss battle makes you think about the game, about the ways you can beat the boss and win. You can challenger yourself to beat the game again, on the hardest difficulty. That alone requires you to know your game and invest time and mental resources into it, by finding out the most efficient way of playing it.

That sounds a lot like research and problem-solving. To do that, you have to choose a game that will challenge you, or, you should find a challenge within the game, thus pushing yourself to be creative.

Visual Arts in Video Games

There is no doubt that some video games have beautiful graphics. Sometimes, there are modifications built by fans which have even better graphics than the vanilla version of the game. The 2010s brought us many beautiful games which border on being art. Technically, they are art because they fall under the category of computer art, which in turn is a visual art. Looking at great scenes within a game and soaking all the art can help you improve your own paintings and drawings.

You can also find behind the scenes videos of many popular games and see what the artists were doing when working on the game. You can draw inspiration from video games, just like you can from art, in general.

Music in Video Games

There are many video games which have a better soundtrack than the visuals or gameplay. An aspiring musician can listen to the music, some of it recorded by an entire orchestra, to find their own inspiration. Modern composers like Jeremy Soule behind the Elder Scroll Series or Yasunori Mitsuda who composed the music for Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross, are amazing in their own way. Becoming a better musician just through listening to video game music is more than just a possibility, but reality.

The Stories – Entire Novels in Video Games

Some video games have rich stories which could rival those of famous writers. Some were based on works of famous authors, actually. Playing such a video game and paying attention could help you understand how pacing works and how to arrange your own narrative.

Playing video games can make you more creative, if and only if you engage yourself and pay attention to all the inspirational things in the games, especially the good ones.

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