The Best Mobile UI Web Site and Application Designs

When browsing on a mobile phone, one of the most important things to note is a good user interface. The sad part is that people usually neglect to compliment a good user interface, but are very quick to judge a bad one. Some people appreciate a good interface, and they do leave positive reviews.

Companies strive to make their interfaces better, hiring developers who can outdo themselves in providing every end user with a simple and/or good-looking interface. The competition is high, however there are some companies that really push the boundaries of modern-day website designs. If you’re curious about one of them, sign up with William Hill promo code and see for yourself – after all, the user experience and impressions are what matters the most to any kind of company, whether it’s related to betting or some other popular field. Here are some of the best interfaces you can find on mobile phones.

Google Maps

Google Maps is a great application, but the website is also amazing. There is basically no difference between them, which is not even the most amazing thing about its interface. It is simple and easy to use, with everything you need a click away. There is nothing else that you can look for in an application like that. Functionality and ease of use mixed together to get you wherever on the planet you want to be.


Duolingo has a great application which is helpful in teaching you languages, as basically, that is its only function. The way it does it is amazing. You have various options of answering questions or filling in the blanks and the interface is astoundingly simple and colorful, in other words, functional and visually appealing.

The sites, both the mobile version and the desktop ones, both have the same functionalities and visual appeal. It is an example of how you can make a good user interface and still have an educational site, free of charge, even.

Google Snapseed

This is a great mobile application which has a simple user interface. It allows users to edit photos. It offers a variety of tools to do so and does it in a simple way. Take note that you can save your edits and make them into a kind of template. Then, you can use those templates when editing other photos to get the results faster.


There was no doubt that Pinterest would find its way on this list. Both the site and the application deserve a central spot regarding good user interfaces. They make it look so easy while being stylish at the same time. If you do not know what Pinterest is about, you can pin photos to remember them, of everything and anything.

The interface is all about the photos, while still providing you with enough necessary data and options. The mobile application does it in a simpler way, even, putting the photos in the spotlight.


Reddit is a news forum and social network of a kind, where you get posts to the top of a subreddit by upvoting it. Reddit has a simple interface which allows you to handle all the content without any trouble at all. The mobile application is also handy, as it shows photos if there are any within a post, without you actually having to enter the post. It is easy to use and navigate and does its job extremely well.

When designing a UI, you should think of the users and their experience. Look at the great sites and their applications and you have great opportunities to learn and adapt. The simpler the interface, the better, even though attractive visual details should be present.

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