The Best Software for Digital Artists – Everything a Digital Artist Needs

Digital art is very prominent today. People have a need for art and doing it digitally guarantees more exposure and a less stressful way of creating it. Anything can be reversed or redone until it reaches a “perfect” state. The undo button is a very powerful tool and artists, like anybody else in the digital workspace, use it every day to rewind history and correct their mistakes.

An artist without the right tools is like a car with poor air intake, it will work, but not efficiently or very good, at all. Digital artists are no different, as they still need their tools of the trade.

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe’s Photoshop is an amazing piece of software, used commonly by artists all over the world. Photoshop is a powerful tool that lets you draw, paint, correct, manipulate colors and lights, until you make whatever you imagined. The best thing about Photoshop is that it has years of development behind it. It is also backed by thousands of tutorials and guides, as people use it very commonly.


Corel is Photoshop’s competition, ever since day one, or year one if you want to get into specifics. CorelDRAW is a powerful tool for artists, especially those interested in sketches. It has a LiveSketch feature which enables the artist to see their work converted into vector graphics as they are working. It also follows your sketching style, in order to predict what you want and which movements you prefer.

The software is packed full of tips, but online tutorials are, just like with Photoshop, the best way of finding coherent guides.

Corel Painter

Corel Painter is the dream of any painter who had 35 brushes and forgot where they put them. Corel solves that for you by having a nice drop-down menu with a lot of brushes and tools for painting. This software had issues with being too hardware-intensive, but today that is no longer a problem. There are over 850 brush presets in Corel Painter 2019. You also have the option of using the brushes from the past 6 versions of Painter. That is a lot of tools in just one program.

The newest version of Painter does not have that many tutorials, unlike its predecessors. This is more due to its novelty than anything else. Painter also has a set of its own tutorials, everything you need to get started with the software.


The Gnu Image Manipulation Program is an open-source piece of software which allows you to do a lot, for the price of downloading it. GIMP is a free program that runs on the 3 most popular desktop systems, Windows, Linux, and Mac. It used to be really unfriendly to the user, yet with its customization options and maturity, it became a must-have program for the artist who has no budget at all.

These tools are the essential ones for digital artists, though each should find their own piece of software, which like with brushes, you need to try to learn whether it suits you.


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