The grand debate: Is digital art real art?

As the discussion about ‘Digital Art’ continues, there appears to be a divide. People tend to either think that art created on a computer is nothing more than a joke, or that if it looks exactly like something you’d see in an art gallery, then it must be real art. In the digital age, it’s hard to believe that a debate has persisted for decades surrounding digital art. While I can’t say which viewpoint is correct, I think this matter deserves further discussion.

Is digital art easier than traditional art?

There are many people who believe that digital art is easy to create and therefore not as valuable as traditional paintings. However, there are also many people who believe that digital artists have to work harder at their craft because of the technology involved in creating it.

Traditional artists spend hours creating their pieces, while digital artists can create something within minutes or even seconds depending on how quickly they can work with their computer program. I would say that digital art is easier, but not for the reasons you might think. It’s not because digital artists don’t have to learn how to draw or paint or sculpt. It’s because they have access to more tools than ever before, and their ability to create things that are impossible in the real world is limitless.

Is digital art as valuable as traditional art?

There are still those who believe that non-traditional types of art are considered more frivolous or less worthy.

First off, when it comes to creating digital art, one thing we have to think about is how this new form of expression fits into our existing understanding of what makes something real art. Is it just because we’re used to seeing paintings and sculptures in museums? Or does it have something more to do with what makes an object authentic?

Another big part of this question is whether or not someone else might consider your work real art. In other words: art isn’t “real” by itself. It is real because people deem it so. 

So, is digital art real art?

Art has always been a way for people to express themselves. From cave paintings to modern sculptures and paintings, it is a way for us to communicate our feelings and ideas through visual representation. Does that make digital art any less valid than traditional pieces of art? Or is it just another form of self-expression?

The answer is actually quite simple: yes! Digital art can be just as valuable as any other form of art because it is still “created” by an individual or group who had an idea, then executed that idea using some sort of technology. It isn’t any less real than painting with oils on canvas; it’s just different.

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