The History of Gambling Advertisements – How Gambling Gets Advertised

Gambling has its roots in the early days of human history, yet not everyone is fond of it, even though many people love gambling by playing lotteries or bingo. Today, advertising is easy and you are likely to find gambling advertisements, like the BGO promo code, everywhere on the internet, just like advertisements for just about anything else.

It is worth looking at the brief history of gambling advertisements, as it is something often frowned upon, even today, when everyone is bombarded by online ads.

Radio Advertisements

Prior to the rise of availability and popularity of television sets, the radio was the only way of advertising something, not counting posters and brand ambassadors. Radio advertisements for major bookies were available until mainstream television took over in the 1950s.

TV Advertisements

This is where things got interesting, as even way back in 1928, people had high expectations from television, which was then in experimental phases. Everyone knew it would be a great medium for advertisements.

That proved to be true as once the 1940s and 1950s came, television sets were available in the United States and many European countries. In the United States, specifically, advertisers had complete control over certain programs during the 1940s. Following the quiz show scandals in the 1950s in the United States, networks took control over advertisements, moving to a different system, one we are familiar with, commercial breaks.

Gambling was no exception here, as casinos took every opportunity to advertise their services. Even though commercial goods were much easier to sell by using TV advertisements, casinos also got their fair share of visitors. People could easily be notified of a new casino being opened in their immediate vicinity.

In the 1970s and 1980s, advertisements were already very much established, and bookmakers and casinos looked towards sports matches. The stadiums would have specific advertisement boards, first with static content, then with variable content. Many of the advertisements would be those of casinos and bookmakers, especially.

Today, some countries have much stricter laws which regulate the number of gambling advertisements, especially in professional sports. In the UK, the Health Lottery’s advertisement was banned due to promoting debt repayment through gambling. Similarly, an ad from SKY TV was also banned due to making it seem like gambling can improve your personality and confidence.

Internet Advertisements

Internet advertisements are much more difficult to control, as they can easily reach a wider audience and do so on a daily basis. The biggest issue with this is that children usually end up seeing more ads than they ever should, up to 200 per years. These are only gambling-specific ads.

Another problem with internet gambling advertisements is that they promote gambling like a very common and normal activity. Even though gambling is common, making it seem like a normal, everyday activity can and does lead to an increase in the number of problem gamblers. Even though the internet is the fastest and cheapest way of advertising your product, people are very concerned with the number of gambling advertisements.

Gambling is advertised in person, through radio and TV commercials and today, over the internet for most of the time.

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